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Anxiety Related Behavior Tests

Anxiety disorders are complex mood disorders caused by brain dysfunction of neural activity. Our company offers a variety of behavioral experiments to assess anxiety. Experimental animals are placed in a series of stressful situations that produce mood disorders. Our testing services apply specific tools to test behavioral and physiological indicators in experimental animals, providing researchers with an effective method to explore the in-depth mechanisms of mood disorders and to identify and screen anti-anxiety drugs.

Fig. 1 Anxiety related behavior tests.

Why Should I Conduct Anxiety Related Behavior Tests

  • Nowadays, anxiety disorders have become the most common psychiatric disorders, and excessive anxiety seriously affects our health, life and work.
  • A variety of factors such as physical diseases, drugs, and psychiatric disorders often trigger anxiety symptoms.
  • Various behavioral experimental methods provide good methods and ideas for the study of anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

The Anxiety Related Behavior Tests We Provide

Since the emotions of animals cannot be directly known through speech, their emotions can only be quantified through behavioral experiments. Therefore, choosing the ideal test method and animal model is a prerequisite for studying disease mechanisms and treatments.

Our company offers a variety of classic anxiety behavior test experiments, mainly including two major anxiety models, conditioned reflex models and unconditioned reflex models. These models play an important role in exploring the mechanisms of anxiety and anxiolytic drugs. The anxiety behavioral tests we offer include but are not limited to the following.


  • Research on the mechanism of action of anxiety-related diseases and drugs.
  • Research on the mechanism of action of anti-anxiety drugs.
  • Screening and efficacy evaluation of anti-anxiety drugs.

Why Choose Us

One-stop service

We can address all the questions you encounter during the anxiety behavior tests, including the evaluation of the protocols, the selection of test indicators, and the statistical analysis of the data.

High quality and efficient

Once the experimental protocol has been developed, we will quickly carry out high-quality testing services for you and ensure that the experimental results are delivered to you on time, saving your time and providing you with satisfactory results.

Scientific and reliable results

We have sophisticated experimental equipment and data recording and analysis systems to ensure the scientific reliability of experimental results. We can present a variety of visual experimental results for our customers.

Our company provides high quality testing services for your research by selecting the appropriate experimental methods for anxiety related behaviors based on your research needs. If you are interested, please contact us and describe your specific research, and we will be happy to assist you.

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