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Morris Water Maze Test

The Morris water maze is a classic behavioral experiment. It has played an important role in the functional assessment of brain regions related to spatial cognitive memory and in the study of aging and intelligence-related disorders.

Our company' animal behavior testing team has rich experimental experience and can develop reasonable test protocols and test indexes according to customers' research needs, providing customers with high-quality test results in order to provide theoretical basis for their relevant research.

Introduction of The Morris Water Maze Test

The Morris water maze is a test based on the habit of mice that are averse to being in water and are forced to swim to find a platform hidden in the water, and is widely used in cognitive memory tests to determine spatial location and orientation in rodents.


1. Preparation (animal grouping, test preparation)

2. Perform the visible platform trial

3. Perform the hidden platform trial

4. Perform the probe trial

5. Perform the reversal trial

6. Data Analysis

7. Delivery to customers

Fig. 1 Morris water maze test date sheet - Our company.Fig. 1 Morris water maze test date sheet.

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The Data Analysis Services We Provide

The Morris water maze experiment allows for the analysis and inference of learning, memory and spatial cognitive abilities by observing and recording the time it takes for animals to enter the water and search for hidden platforms, the strategies used and their swimming trajectories. The experiment has a wide range of statistical indicators that can be used to evaluate the animals. The evaluation metrics we provide to our customers include, but are not limited to

Fig. 2 Summary of Morris water maze statistics - Our company.Fig. 2 Summary of Morris water maze statistics.

The evaluation of Morris water maze results is often complex. Our company selects the appropriate evaluation metrics for your research needs and our advanced data analysis and recording system provides you with perfect results.


The Morris water maze is used as a classic experiment in scientific research in a wide range of fields such as spatial cognition, learning memory, hippocampal and extrahippocampal studies, intelligence and aging, new drug development and safety evaluation, toxicology, pharmacology, animal psychology and behavioral biology. The Morris water maze testing service we offered can help you save time and efforts in the following studies

  • Research on diseases related to cognitive disorders (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, vascular dementia).
  • Screening of neurotoxic or therapeutic drugs.
  • Effects of cortical decline or brain damage on cognitive memory.
  • Effects of drugs or other experimental treatments on the eyesight of animals.

Are you struggling with imperfect experimental design, individual behaviour differences, lack of complete monitoring systems and analysis software, or complex data processing in your Morris water maze test?

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