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Cognitive and Memory Behavior Tests

Cognition and learning memory are important functions of the nervous system. Impaired learning memory is one of the more common manifestations of cognitive dysfunction. Among the numerous behavioral experiments, experiments that assess learning and memory function are the most common. Our company offers a variety of learning memory behavioral experimental methods for evaluating cognitive and memory behavioral studies.

Our company has a professional animal behavior testing platform. Based on advanced testing equipment and data recording and analysis systems, the platform provides a wide range of cognitive and learning memory behavioral tests for rodents, helping researchers around the world to explore cognitive-related life processes.

Cognitive Behavioral Tests

The cognitive functions of animals need to be evaluated by their learning memories, and therefore standardized behavioral experimental methods need to be established in order to make accurate judgments about their learning memories. Among these methods, working memory and reference memory are commonly used to assess the cognitive function of experimental animals.

Our company provides a variety of maze testing services, such as Morris water maze, eight-arm maze, etc. Its experimental steps and evaluation indexes provide multimodal and refined behavioral experimental methods for studies of cognitive decline, structural damage to the hippocampus, and the effects of drugs on spatial memory.

Learning and Memory Behavioral Tests

Learning and memory are both interconnected neural activity processes. In addition to various types of mazes for the assessment of spatial cognitive memory, some active or passive position avoidance tasks, situational fear experiments play an important role in the assessment of learning memory in rodents.

Our company offers learning memory-related behavioral testing services to assess neural and behavioral correlates in rodents under different task conditions, providing a reliable basis for how relevant diseases and drugs affect learning memory in humans.

Advantages of Our company

  • Free experimental protocol evaluation.
  • Using the animal movement track tracking system, a variety of parameters can be set to provide detailed video and data.
  • Providing data statistical analysis services to make complex data clear and organized.

Testing Service Process of Our company

Our company provides one-stop services for animal behavior testing. Save your time while providing high quality testing services.

Animal behavior testing process - Our company Fig. 1 Animal behavior testing process.

Our company offers a wide range of behavioral experimental testing services for the evaluation of cognitive and memory behavior related disease and pharmacological toxicology studies.

We provide high quality testing services for your research by selecting the appropriate cognitive-memory behavioral experimental approach based on your research needs. If you are interested, contact us and describe your specific demand and we are at your service.

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