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Screening and Safety Assessment of Neuropsychiatric Drugs

Neuropsychiatric disorders have become a very prominent public health problem in recent years.

Our company has demonstrated in many examples the reliability of neuropharmacological researches using standard animal behavioral testing methods, including drug screening and safety assessment. We are committed to providing real and valuable feedback on the results of our clients' preclinical drug research projects.

Why Should I Screening and Assessment of Neuropsychiatric Drugs

  • With the increasing mental pressure of the public, the incidence of mental illness has gradually increased and has developed into a global problem. The social burden of mental illness has far surpassed that of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and oncological diseases, imposing a huge economic and medical burden on society.
  • Psychiatric and neurological disorders are usually characterized by multiple episodes and high recurrence rates, requiring regular treatment and long-term medication. Pharmacotherapy has an irreplaceable role in the treatment of related diseases.
  • For a long time, the lack of effective treatments for a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders and the potential side effects of developed drugs have been reported. These factors have made the search for safe and effective novel drugs urgent.

The Drug Screening and Assessment Services We Provide

Neurological drugs mainly refer to drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases, mainly including psychostimulants, psychostimulants, antiepileptics, anti-Parkinson's disease drugs, painkillers, etc. The drug evaluation services we provide include, but are not limited to the followings.

Advantages of Our Company

  • Accurate and reliable acquisition and identification of fine behavioral information of various animals.

Our advanced video tracking system dynamically records and saves multidimensional information and activity videos of animals' time, speed, position, status and distance under various behavioral tests in real time.

  • Fine and sensitive, hierarchical neurobehavioral and pharmacodynamic index evaluation system.

Based on the intelligence of the long experience accumulated by neuropharmacologists, we obtain richer indicators with the help of information technology such as data mining. Based on the traditional indicators, a hierarchical and more sensitive and refined pharmacological evaluation system is established than the existing traditional pharmacological researches.

  • Full automation, intelligent system.

A full automation system is used to automatically control various training patterns and conditioned stimuli for the animals under different behavioral tests. Integrating the identification, acquisition and analysis of animals under different behavioral operation signals reduces human errors and ensures high quality results.

Drug Screening and Evaluation Process of Our Company

Our company offers a customized testing process based on your specific research needs, including the selection of test subjects, the selection of test methods, the execution of experimental protocols, and data analysis.

Drug Screening and Evaluation Process of Our company

Our company applies our specialized behavioral tests to the screening and safety assessment of neuropsychiatric and pharmaceutical drugs. We are committed to providing valuable reference results for our clients' drug discovery programs. If you are interested, please contact us and describe your specific demand and we will be happy to assist you.

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