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Cognitive Behavioral Testing Services

Why Should I Conduct Cognitive Behavioral Tests

Cognition is the process by which the organism recognizes and acquires knowledge, including memory, language, visuospatial, computational, executive and comprehension judgments. Cognitive dysfunction is the pathological process of learning and memory impairment caused by abnormalities in the higher intellectual processing of the brain, accompanied by changes in aphasia and disuse.

  • A number of neurodegenerative diseases associated with cognitive dysfunction as well as non-neurological disorders pose significant health problems for patients.
  • The use of rodents as research subjects for animal cognitive-behavioral testing is important for the study of related diseases.
  • Appropriate behavioral research methods can provide an important basis for the study of related diseases.

Our company, as a professional animal behavior testing service provider, offers a wide range of behavioral testing services related to cognitive function, including various types of mazes. We provide overall test protocols evaluation and optimization service for customers who are intend to carry out disease research and related drug screening. Our company provides cognitive behavioral testing services, including but not limited to

Morris Water Maze Test

The Morris water maze is the most used behavioral test in the study of Alzheimer's disease (AD), a disease associated with cognitive dysfunction, and is primarily used to test spatial cognitive memory abilities in rodents. It is one of the most widely used and most common experimental methods.

Many neurological related diseases or damage to the brain can affect the cognitive function of animals. The water maze testing services we offered that can be widely used in related medical or pharmacological studies in order to make greater breakthroughs in your research.

The Morris water maze. (Morris, 2008)Fig. 1 The Morris water maze. (Morris, 2008)

Eight-Arm Maze Test

The eight-arm maze, also known as the radioactive maze, is an important experimental method for testing spatial cognitive memory in rodents because of its easy and feasible operation and its ability to respond accurately and sensitively to spatial learning memory functions.

The study of the neurobiological mechanisms of working memory can contribute to the study of a number of psychiatric and neurological disorders. The eight-arm maze testing service we offered that can distinguish between short-term working memory and long-term reference memory, providing a theoretical basis for your research.

T Maze Test

The T maze is mainly used to evaluate the discriminative cognitive ability of animals, spatial memory and reference memory tests.

Our company provides T maze tests including traditional T maze and T maze autonomous alternating experiments to meet the different research needs of our customers.

Y Maze Test

The Y maze is very similar to the T maze and is used to assess the spatial discrimination cognitive ability of animals.

Our company offers our customers a wide range of Y maze tests, including Y maze food reward experiments and Y maze electrical stimulation experiments.

Barnes Maze Test

The Barnes maze is an experimental method based on the dark and inquisitive nature of rodents and has the advantage of being unaffected by swimming behavior and is a proven alternative to the water maze.

The Barnes maze testing service we offered can use for the detection of spatial cognitive memory in animals to help you in your research on related diseases.

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Our company provides high quality testing services for your research by selecting the appropriate cognitive-behavioral experimental methods based on your research needs. If you are interested, contact us and describe your specific demand and we will be happy to assist you.


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