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Emotional Related Behavior Tests

Emotions are attitudinal experiences and behavioral responses to objective things that are common to both humans and animals. Emotional behavior is divided into three main types of behavior: depression, anxiety and fear. Since animals' emotions are difficult to express verbally, behavioral experiments provide a good research tool for the study of emotion-related diseases.

Our company has a professional animal behavior testing platform. Based on advanced testing equipment and data recording and analysis systems, the platform provides rodents with a variety of emotional behavior-related tests, helping researchers around the world explore emotion-related life processes.

Anxiety Related Behavior Tests

The nature of anxiety behavior is a conflict between the animal's psychology of exploration and its fear when faced with a novel environment. Animals develop anxiety-responsive behaviors similar to those of humans when faced with dangerous situations. Therefore, animal behavioral experiments provide good ideas for anxiety-related research.

Our company offers a variety of testing services to assess anxiety behavior in animals, providing high-quality evaluation methods for the study of anxiety mechanisms of action and the screening of anxiolytic drugs.

Depression Related Behavior Tests

With the increase of pressure on people in modern society, the occurrence of depression is becoming more and more common, which seriously affects people's healthy life. Animal models of depression and depressive behavior testing have played an important role in the study of related diseases.

Our company' testing services team has extensive experience in depressive behavior testing, and we provide our customers with all the solutions in the depressive behavior-related research.

Stress Related Behavior Tests

The establishment of the stress-response agonist model has become a widely used technical tool in the medical field for the study of stress-related diseases (such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other mental and behavioral disorders).

Our company provides customized behavioral testing solutions based on the research needs of customers to help them achieve breakthroughs in relevant disease fields.

Advantages of Our company

  • Free experimental protocol evaluation.
  • Using the animal movement track tracking system, a variety of parameters can be set to provide detailed video and data.
  • Providing data statistical analysis services to make complex data clear and organized.

Testing Service Process of Our company

Our company provides one-stop services for animal behavior testing. Save your time while providing high quality testing services.

Fig. 1 Animal behavior testing process - Our company.Fig. 1 Animal behavior testing process.

Our company offers a wide range of emotion related behavior experiments for the study of anxiety-depression related disease mechanisms and screening of psychotropic drugs.

We are committed to providing professional testing services for your research in related fields by selecting the appropriate emotional-behavioral experimental methods according to your research needs. If you are interested, please contact us and describe your specific research, and we will be happy to assist you.

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