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Depression Related Behavior Tests

Depression is a psychiatric heterogeneous syndrome characterized by significant and persistent depressed mood as the main clinical feature. The WHO lists depression as the biggest contributor to global disability.

Our company provides our clients with a variety of classic behavioral tests to assess depression. Our tests make reasonable use of behavioral tests in rewards, exploration, and despair, and play an important role in evaluating depression-related disorders and drug research for different causes.

Why Should I Conduct Depression Related Behavior Tests

  • In the course of depression research, a great deal of information obtained at the molecular and cellular levels needs to be fully validated by animal behavior.
  • The central nervous system is the main site of study for depression and antidepressants, so model animals are essential in the process of related studies.
  • As a common model animal, rodents are highly similar to humans in terms of structure, function, metabolism and disease characteristics. In addition, it is the animal of choice for preclinical studies of depression because of its ease of experimental manipulation and observation.

The Depression Related Behavior Tests We Provide

Because clinically depressed patients often present with anxiety or alternating manifestations of anxiety and depression, tests for depression are also commonly used for anxiety detection.

Our company is committed to providing clients worldwide with recognized behavioral tests for detecting rodent models of depression, with the aim of providing clients with a reasonable selection of behavioral tests to help them with their research in related fields.

Depression related behavior testsFig. 1 Depression related behavior tests. (Planchez, 2019)


  • Research on the mechanism of action of depression-related diseases.
  • Research on the mechanism of action of antidepressant drugs.
  • Screening and efficacy evaluation of antidepressant drugs.

Why Choose Us

One-stop service

We can address all the questions you encounter during the depression behavior tests, including the evaluation of the protocols, the selection of test indicators, and the statistical analysis of the data.

High quality and efficient

Once the experimental protocol has been developed, we will quickly carry out high-quality testing services for you and ensure that the experimental results are delivered to you on time, saving your time and providing you with satisfactory results.

Scientific and reliable results

We have sophisticated experimental equipment and data recording and analysis systems to ensure the scientific reliability of experimental results. We can present a variety of visual experimental results for our customers.

Our company provides high quality testing services for your research by selecting the appropriate experimental methods for depression related behaviors based on your research needs. If you are interested, please contact us at any time.


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