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Cell Therapy Development Platforms

Over the past two decades, significant progress has been made in cell therapy development, paving the way for novel treatments and potential cures for previously intractable diseases. Our company is at the forefront of cell therapy development, dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of this transformative technology. Through rigorous research and innovative approaches, we provide comprehensive cell therapy development services to accelerate research into rare disease therapies.

Overview of Cell Therapies

Cell therapy has emerged as a revolutionary approach in medical science, offering new avenues for treating a wide range of diseases and conditions. By utilizing the therapeutic potential of living cells, cell therapy aims to restore, repair, or replace damaged or dysfunctional cells within the body. This innovative field has gained significant attention in recent years, as it holds immense promise in addressing unmet medical needs and transforming the landscape of healthcare.

Fitting the engineered T cell therapy development process into the conventional drug discovery and development paradigm.Fig.1 Fitting the engineered T cell therapy development process into the conventional drug discovery and development paradigm. (Chen, F., et al., 2019)

Cell therapy can be divided into stem cell therapy and immune cell therapy according to cell type. Stem cell therapy uses the differentiation and repair principles of human stem cells to transplant healthy stem cells into the body to repair diseased cells or rebuild normal functioning cells and tissues. Immune cell therapy collects the body's immune cells, cultures them in vitro, and then infuses them back into the body to kill pathogens, cancer cells, and mutated cells in the blood and tissues, break immune tolerance, and activate and enhance the body's immune capabilities.

Cell Therapies for Rare Diseases

Cell therapy offers a promising avenue for addressing the unique challenges posed by rare diseases. Rare diseases are often caused by genetic mutations. For example, gene editing technology is used to introduce normal genes into the patient's stem cells and transplant these stem cells back into the patient's body to restore normal protein production in the patient's body. Several rare diseases have already witnessed significant advancements in cell therapy development, leading to improved outcomes and transforming the lives of affected individuals.

Table 1 Selected cell-based products for rare diseases. (Bashor, C. J., et al., 2022)

Cell type Product name (company or institution) Indication Source Delivery Phase Trial ID
T cell TR004 (Kings' College London) Crohn's disease Autologous i.v. II NCT03185000
MSC NurOwn (Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics) Multiple sclerosis Autologous i.v. II NCT03799718
HSC NA (Bluebird Bio) Sickle cell disease Autologous i.v. II NCT03745287
MSC Prochymal (Osiris) Graft versus host disease Allogeneic i.v. III NCT00284986
T cell Descartes-08 (Cartesian Therapeutics) Myasthenia gravis Autologous i.v. II NCT04146051

Our Services

Through careful cell selection, understanding of mechanisms of action, robust manufacturing processes, and strict safety considerations, our company provides one-stop cell therapy development services. Our cell therapy development platform provides different cell therapy solutions for different diseases and customer needs and provides efficient methods to accelerate your development of rare disease therapy.

Cell Therapy Development Workflow

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Our company offers comprehensive services and technical support for every stage of rare disease research. Our extensive experience in cell therapy development allows us to provide you with customized services as well as comprehensive assistance that can help you move from rare disease therapy development to therapy commercialization. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details and quotation information of related services.


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