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Drug Repurposing Service

Drug repurposing refers to the discovery of new therapeutic uses of drugs for other medical indications, to continue to explore the potential of existing drugs for new indications. Our company has an integrated technology platform to offer customers drug repositioning services and screening services of these compounds for new therapeutic purposes, accelerating the development of new therapies for rare diseases.

Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases

Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning or drug reprofiling, is the process of redeveloping compounds for use in different diseases. Drug repurposing has been proposed as an alternative strategy for the development of new therapies, particularly in the field of rare diseases. It offers lower risks, lower costs, and shorter timescales than developing novel orphan drugs.

1-2-2 Drug Repurposing Service-1The orphan medicinal products identification process.

The strategy is based on the scientific principles that a single drug often interacts with multiple targets or pathways, and multiple drugs may act on the same target or pathway. With the Human Genome Project providing a wealth of genetic information on many rare diseases, including gene regulation, protein structure, and drug-target interactions, scientists have the opportunity to make breakthrough achievements in drug repurposing.

Approaches to Drug Repurposing

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Computational Pharmacological Algorithms
The use of computer models and algorithms to analyze drug interactions, metabolic pathways, and biological activities can fully integrate multiple data sources, analyze a large amount of data in a short time.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI can process and analyze large-scale biomedical data, improve the automation level of research and development process through machine learning and deep learning, and reduce human intervention.

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Drug Screening Assays
Drug screening in the laboratory can assess the effects of potential drugs on specific biological targets, helping to determine the biological activity and toxicity of drugs.

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Collaborative Approach
Sharing data, resources, and expertise among diverse research teams, institutions, and industries to stimulate innovative thinking and accelerate new drug discovery.

Our Services

With extensive knowledge and advanced technologies in the areas of big data analysis, computer models, and high-throughput screenings, our company helps customers conduct more systematic, organized, and data-oriented searches for candidates. We have a one-stop drug repurposing development solution to support the drug repurposing of rare diseases.

1-2-2 Drug Repurposing Service-6Target Identification
1-2-2 Drug Repurposing Service-8Drug Screening
1-2-2 Drug Repurposing Service-9In Vivo Evaluation
1-2-2 Drug Repurposing Service-10In Vitro Evaluation
  • Target Identification of Drug Candidates
    With technology platforms such as chromatography and mass spectrometry, we provide customers with the analysis of all possible binding targets of drug candidates.
  • Screening of Drug Candidates
  • Through high throughput screening (HTS) technology, we help customers screen thousands of chemical drug libraries at once.
  • Machine-learning (ML) algorithms apply genetic and molecular information on a variety of complex rare diseases to help our customers predict whether compounds are likely to be used for new indications.
  • Preclinical Study

Why Choose Us?

Our company has a dedicated and highly educated team of researchers who understand rare diseases and the complexities behind drug repurposing. We provide drug repurposing services to our customers to help them identify potential therapeutics for rare diseases more quickly. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details and quotation information of related services.


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