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T Cell Receptor (TCR) T Cell Therapy Development

The development of engineered T cell receptors (TCR) T cells has made significant breakthroughs in recent years especially in rare diseases research. Compared to CAR-T cells, TCR-T cells are widely used. TCR-T cell therapy holds tremendous potential in the therapeutics of solid tumors, as it can facilitate better infiltration into solid tumors. As an innovative company specializing in the development of therapies for rare diseases, our company is dedicated to providing clients with T cell receptor (TCR) T cell therapy development services.

Introduction to T Cell Receptor (TCR) And CAR-T Cells

T Cell Receptor (TCR) molecule belongs to a superfamily of immunoglobulins and is one of the most complex receptors in the human body. TCR is composed of six different receptor subunits, each with antigen specificity, and is associated with at least four different signal transduction chains. Variations in TCR contribute to T cell proliferation. Usually, TCR diversity is associated with anti-tumor effects.

Through the selection and identification of TCR (T-cell receptor) sequences that specifically bind to target antigens, these sequences are introduced into T cells derived from the person's peripheral blood (or allogeneic T cells) using genetic engineering techniques. The modified T cells (CAR-T cells) are then infused back into the body, enabling them to specifically recognize and eliminate tumor cells expressing the antigen, thereby achieving the goal of treating the tumor.

Diagram of TCR structure Fig. 1 Diagram of TCR structure (Lijun Zhao, 2019)

Application of T Cell Receptor (TCR) T Cells in Disease Therapy

After the successful use of TCR-T cells in the therapeutics of melanoma, an increasing number of studies for rare diseases are beginning to unfold. Currently, TCR-T cell therapy is primarily studied in the following rare diseases:

Hematological Neoplasms Acquired haemophilia
Solid Tumors Melanoma,
Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas,
Epithelioid sarcoma.

Our Services

TCR-T cell therapy has been widely developed and has shown tremendous clinical therapeutic potential. Our company offers T cell receptor (TCR) T cell therapy development service based on our advanced technology and professional team. Our services are included but not limited as follows:

Antigen Identification scheme

Antigen Identification

  • Isolation of cytotoxic T cells
  • Identification of antigens recognized by the TCR
  • Detection of TAAs, CGAs, TSAs antigens
TCR Sequencing scheme

TCR Sequencing

  • Detecting the characteristics of TCR clone distribution in disease states or post-treatment
  • Characterization of the DNA/RNA/protein structure of antigen-specific TCR
  • TCR rearrangement analysis
Screening for TCR scheme

Screening for TCR

  • Screening for TCR that specifically bind to extensively studied tumor antigens
  • Optimizing TCR sequences and structures to enhance antigen recognition and targeting efficiency

Our T Cell Receptor (TCR) T Cell Therapy Development Workflow

Our T Cell Receptor (TCR) T Cell Therapy Development Workflow

As a leading biotechnology company, our company offers comprehensive services and technical support covering every stage of T cell receptor (TCR) T cell therapy development in rare diseases. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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