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Tissue Cross-Reactivity Evaluation

Tissue cross-reactivity (TCR) evaluation is crucial to the safety evaluation of preclinical monoclonal antibody drugs. Our company employs talented and highly trained scientists who focus on every aspect of rare disease drug development and research. Our extensive experience in providing rare disease therapy solutions allows us to provide you with customized tissue cross-reactivity evaluation services, and we can quickly respond to the changing needs of your rare disease research projects.

Introduction to Tissue Cross-Reactivity Evaluation

Tissue cross-reactivity (TCR) is essential to the development of monoclonal antibodies and other related biologics, primarily to identify off-target binding, but may also be used to identify previously unknown target binding sites. Monoclonal antibodies usually have specific immune properties. There are antigenic determinants that are the same or similar to specific target sites in normal human tissues and are prone to adverse reactions. Therefore, TCR evaluation is an important method to detect the safety of monoclonal antibody drugs. It provides an important reference for drug clinical toxicity prediction and monitoring.

Applications of Tissue Cross-Reactivity Evaluation

  • Determination of antibody binding to targeted epitopes.
  • Determination of antibody binding to non-targeted antigens.
  • Determination of relevant animal species for preclinical safety testing.
  • Prediction of target organ toxicity of drugs.

Our Services

With a platform that has been continuously improved over the years and rich experience, our company has all organizations defined in relevant FDA and EMA guidelines and is fully compliant with local laws and ethical norms.

Adrenal gland Bladder Blood cells Bone marrow Breast Cerebellum
Cerebral cortex Colon Endothelium Eye Fallopian tube Gastrointestinal tract
Kidney Liver Lung Lymph node Ovary Pancreas
Parathyroid Peripheral nerve Pituitary Placenta Prostate Salivary gland
Skeletal muscle Skin Spinal cord Spleen Testes Thymus
Thyroid Tonsil Ureter Uterus Heart Others

Our company provides immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray, western blot, flow cytometry, and other technologies to support tissue cross-reaction evaluation services. Services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Assay Development and Optimization
    Using appropriate control tissues or cells, our company develops and optimizes IHC assays, determining the optimal specificity and staining conditions of the experimental antibodies.
  • Preliminary Screening
    Providing high-quality frozen tissue microarrays (TMA) for preliminary study to ensure rapid delivery of data.
  • TCR Studies
    Employing experienced toxicologists and utilizing a one-stop platform, our company has the ability and resources to provide professional TCR studies and excellent after-sales support to ensure that we can respond quickly to the changing needs of rare disease therapy research projects. TCR studies we can provide include:
  • Three antibody concentration studies
  • 37 tissues studies
  • Automated IHC processing
  • Monoclonal safety evaluation
  • Slide evaluation and interpretation
  • In vitro cross-reactivity
  • In vivo binding of test articles
  • Others

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive pricing and fast turnaround time
  • Professional technical support
  • Ph.D.-level scientists and skilled technicians
  • Timely project reporting and after-sales service
  • One-stop platform with experienced technical team
  • High data quality and reliable analysis

Project Workflow

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With extensive experience in rare disease therapy research and development, our company's tissue cross-reactivity evaluation service is a simplified workflow by a group of specially trained and professional scientists. We are pleased to use our advanced platform to offer the best service and the most qualified products to satisfy each demand from our customers. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more information.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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