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Primary Cell Development Service

Primary cells are cells that are freshly isolated from living tissue and cultivated in vitro. Compared with established cell lines, the cells derived from patients or animal models of rare diseases are more representative of their native tissue state and more realistically reflecting their in vivo physiological function. Our company offers professional services to construct high-quality primary cells according to your needs.

Primary Cells Related to Rare Diseases

According to our many years of experience, primary cells can be isolated from most tissues. Various rare diseases have different onset locations, requiring targeted isolation of corresponding tissues, and the isolation methods for different tissues may vary to a certain extent. Moreover, when patient-derived primary cells are not feasible, the corresponding primary cells from animal models can provide a reference for the study of human cells.

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Epithelial Tissues

Psoriasis, epidermolysis bullosa simplex, and Dowling-Degos disease are rare diseases that occur in epithelial tissues. Overgrowth of this tissue is a symptom of these rare diseases for which the exact cause has yet to be resolved. Epithelial cells are widely used in biomedical research and are usually isolated by enzymatic dissociation.

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Connective Tissues

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, mixed connective tissue disease and undifferentiated connective tissue syndrome are rare diseases characterized by a systemic onset, involving the skin, mucosa, and the motor and central nervous system. Generally, connective tissues are digested by dispase and collagenase to isolate cells.

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Nerve Tissues

Guillain-Barré syndrome, multiple sclerosis and Huntington's are rare diseases of nervous tissue, occurring with neurodegeneration including region-specific neuronal loss in the central nervous system. The brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves can be affected, resulting in motor and cognitive impairment. The nerve cells can be isolated by differential adhesion and fluorescence-activated cell sorting with neuron markers.

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Muscle Tissues

Symptoms such as Duchenne muscular atrophy, oculopharyngeal muscular atrophy and myasthenia gravis affect muscles throughout the body. The preliminary mechanism involves abnormal muscle energy metabolism, causing muscle cells damage and decreased muscle tone. Containing numerous non-myogenic cells, the isolation of muscle cells can be achieved by fluorescence-activated cell sorting and immunomagnetic cell separation.

Primary Cells Isolation

So far, a variety of well-established cell isolation methods have been applied to different cell types. With the development of separation technology, the resolution of cell separation has been able to reach the level of single cells, providing a basis for precisely sorting out the target cells.

Cell Isolation Methods Simple Description
Enzyme Dissociation Enzymes such as trypsin or collagenase are used to digest the tissue to release the target cells.
Immunomagnetic Cell Separation Magnetic beads bind to specific marker proteins on the surface of target cells. The beads are subsequently adsorbed by magnetic force, thereby separating the target cells.
Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting Flow cytometry and fluorescent probes are applied to sort target cells that fluorophore-tagged from heterogeneous cell mixtures.
Density Gradient Centrifugation Density gradient media are utilized to separate cells of different densities, allowing target cells to be separated from a heterogeneous cell mixture when they settled to a point of equal density during centrifugation.
Microfluidic Cell Separation Microfluidic devices are used to allow cell mixtures to be separated as single-cell resolution by manipulating fluids at the microscopic level.
Differential Adhesion Appropriate reagents and cell culture dishes are selected to promote or inhibit adhesion according to the adhesion characteristics of target cells.

Our Services

Isolation of primary cells is one of the principal applications for study of rare diseases. Primary cells from the patients or animal models recapitulate the physiological state in vivo as much as possible, which have been considered as excellent models for the study of pathology, drug response and therapy. Our company provides experienced team and necessary resources to construct high-quality primary cells to support your research in rare diseases. Our services include but are not limited to:

Primary Cells Isolation Service

Primary cells from various living tissues are isolated by canonical methods, up-to-date methods or combined strategies according to the cell types.

Primary Cells Culture Service

Appropriate optimized conditions are formulated for culture of target cells to ensure efficient proliferation and subsequent identification and verification experiments.

Primary Cells Identification Service

The primary cells are identified through necessary experiments to ensure the cell identity and genetic stability, as well prevent mutation or contamination.

We have proven solutions and experience in handling different cell types to ensure a wide range of cell separation needs for our clients. The primary workflow is as follows:

  • SampleCollection
    • Blood
    • Living Tissues
    • Body Liquid
    • ...
  • Cells lsolation
    • Enzyme Dissociation
    • lmmunomagnetic Separation
    • Density Gradient
    • ...
  • Culture
    • Cytokines Addition
    • Growth Factors Addition
    • Other Necessary Optimization
  • Validation
    • Colony Forming Cell Assays
    • Flow Cytometry Analysis
    • Cell Markers ldentification

Our Advantages

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Flexible approach, suitable for different cell types

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Ensurance of high vitality and fertility

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Selecting the most relevant tissues for efficient isolation

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Strict experimental execution standards

Integrating the expertise of senior researchers in cell biology, our company offers you with various primary cell isolation strategies to assist you in constructing the primary cell lines for the rare diseases of your interest. We also provide optimization services for specialized cell isolation protocols. If you are interested in our primary cell development services, please contact us for more information.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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