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Viral Vector Development Platforms

Viral vectors are virus-based gene vectors that can be used to deliver target genes into cultured cells or intact living organisms. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, our company has a diverse pool of talent, as well as professional knowledge and experience related to viral vectors. We are committed to using cutting-edge technologies in molecular biology and cell biology to provide comprehensive viral vector development services to our customers for rare disease therapy research and development.

Overview of Viral Vector

Viral vectors can carry genetic material into cells, either in vivo or in vitro. The principle is to use the molecular mechanism of viruses to transmit their genome into other cells for infection. The main types of viral vectors used clinically for in vivo gene therapy include adenovirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV), herpes simplex virus (HSV), retroviruses, and lentiviruses. Viral vectors used for gene therapy and vaccines should meet the following basic conditions:

  • Mediates the transfer and expression of foreign genes.
  • Don't cause proliferation and spread in the environment.
  • Not pathogenic to humans.
  • Carry foreign genes and can be packaged into virus particles.
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Fig.1 Viral vector manufacturing process workflow. (Srivastava, A., et al., 2021)

Viral Vector for Rare Diseases

In many cases, gene therapy requires a vector to deliver the gene therapy drug to the target cell. Viral vectors have been one of the most widely studied vectors due to their outstanding transduction efficiency and other significant advantages. Viral vector-based gene therapy has now achieved good research results. The following are some of the viral vectors that have been heavily used for gene therapy of rare diseases:

Table 1 Commonly used viral vectors in rare disease gene therapy. (Maldonado, R., et al., 2021)

Vector Transfection capacity Integration Restrictions
Adenovirus < 7.5 kb None Causes immune response, short-term expression
AAV < 4.5 kb Low Causes immune response
Alphavirus < 7.5 kb None Short-term expression
Herpesvirus > 30 kb None May cause immune response
Retrovirus < 8 kb High Risk of insertional mutagenesis. Just infects dividing cells
Lentivirus 8–10 kb High Risk of insertional mutagenesis
Vaccinia virus 25 kb None Short-term expression

Our Services

In recent years, scientific advances in viral vector engineering, rare disease genome identification, and gene editing have ushered in a new era of viral gene therapy. Our company's viral vector development services provide customers with a cost-effective and one-stop solution, including the design and construction of suitable viral vectors as well as the production and purification of viral vectors. We can provide different kinds of viral vector development, including but not limited to:

In order to improve the targeting and efficiency of viral vectors, our company also provides adaptor-based viral vector development and genetic incorporation-based viral vector development. In addition to the above viral vector development services, we also provide downstream analysis of viral vectors and other related services to meet your comprehensive requirements in rare disease research. Optional services include but are not limited to:

Viral Vector Development Workflow

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Adenoviral Vector Design and Modification

Adenoviral Vector Analysis


Virus Titer Examination

Large-Scale Production

With extensive experience in rare disease therapy research and development, our company provides customers with a convenient solution. Our viral vector development service is a simplified workflow by a group of specially trained and professional scientists. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details and quotation information of related services.


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  • Maldonado, R., et al. "Curative gene therapies for rare diseases." Journal of Community Genetics 12 (2021): 267-276.

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