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Biliary Excretion Studies

Biliary excretion studies are an important step in understanding the clearance of some rare disease drugs and drug metabolites in the body. Our company has extensive expertise in pharmacokinetics, particularly in biliary excretion studies. We can provide comprehensive services for biliary excretion studies of rare disease drugs to leading and emerging biopharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions.

Introduction to Biliary Excretion

Drug molecules or their metabolites are actively secreted from hepatocytes into bile, which then transports the drug to the intestine where it is excreted. Characteristics such as the chemical structure, polarity, and molecule of the drug, as well as certain characteristics of the liver, affect the excretion pathways of the drug. The main methods>used to study biliary excretion are bile-duct cannulated animal test and transporter test

Introduction to Enterohepatic Circulation

When the drug reaches the liver, some compounds may be excreted through the bile into the duodenum. Some of the compounds excreted into the duodenum are excreted with the feces, and some may be reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines, which is called enterohepatic circulation. Enterohepatic circulation can prolong the pharmacologic effects of certain drugs and drug metabolites.

1-3-3-2-6 Biliary Excretion Studies-1 Fig.1 The different routes that a drug can follow during its passage through the liver. (Ibarra, M., et al., 2021)

Our Services

With complete radioactive analysis technologies such as LC/MS and liquid scintillation counter (LSC), our company provides bile, urine, feces, and other sample collection for radioactive analysis. The biliary excretion study services we can provide include but are not limited to:

Biliary Excretion Studies in Animal Models

Our company provides bile duct cannulated rodents and large animals such as dogs and monkeys for in vivo biliary excretion studies.

Biliary Radioactive Analysis

Our company performs radioactive analysis of bile at specific times after administration according to the experimental protocol.

Biliary Metabolite Identification

Our company conserves the remaining bile for the clients and provide biliary metabolite identification services.

Enterohepatic Circulation Studies

Based on the biliary excretion study results, our company provides reabsorption study services of the enterohepatic circulation of the drug if necessary.

With professional teams, our company provides biliary excretion studies, as well as mass balance studies that provide data to support urinary and fecal excretion studies of drugs, helping customers gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of rare disease drug absorption and metabolism.

Project Workflow

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Why Choose Us?

With a research team with extensive experience in rare disease therapy research and development, our company is confident to provide customers with biliary excretion studies services for rare diseases. We have the capabilities and resources to provide professional communication and problem-solving support to ensure that we can quickly respond to the changing needs of your research projects. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more information.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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