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Respiratory System Evaluation

ICH document S7A provides guidance requiring respiratory system safety pharmacology evaluations. Our company has long-term devoted to the research and service of respiratory system evaluation, we are pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service for rare disease therapy research and development to satisfy each demand from our customers.

Introduction to Respiratory System Evaluation

The respiratory safety pharmacology evaluation includes the evaluation of two functional units: the pumping apparatus and the gas exchange unit. The pumping apparatus includes those elements of the nervous and muscular system responsible for generating and regulating breathing patterns, which are assessed by measuring ventilation parameters such as respiratory rate and tidal volume. The gas exchange unit, which consists of the lung and its associated airways, alveoli, and the interstitial region containing blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and elastic fibrous network, is assessed by measuring the mechanical properties of the lung.

The deposition of inhalation particles in the lungs.Fig.1 The deposition of inhalation particles in the lungs. (Banat, H., et al., 2023)

Respiratory safety pharmacology evaluation focuses on pulmonary ventilation measurements by evaluating the effects of drugs on lung mechanical properties in intact conscious and anesthetized or paralyzed animals, to understand the changes in the whole respiratory system or intrapulmonary or extrapulmonary factors.

Advantages of Respiratory System Evaluation

Respiratory safety pharmacology evaluation can determine the changes of a drug on respiratory function and evaluate the impact of the drug on secondary pharmacological or toxic effects on respiratory function, which can help determine the safe dose range of the drug on the respiratory system. The lungs are an important organ system essential for respiration and gas exchange. Therefore, studying the respiratory system evaluation is crucial in the preclinical safety evaluation of new drugs and also provides a reference for clinical research.

Our Services

As an experienced CRO, our company's team provides you with professional knowledge and one-stop service in respiratory system evaluation. We can provide efficient methods and end-to-end services to accelerate your development of rare disease therapy.

  • Animal Models
    With a research team with extensive expertise in respiratory system safety pharmacology evaluation as well as an advanced animal model platform, our company provides conscious and anesthetized rodents including mice, rats, and guinea pigs to support research.
  • Parameter Detection
    Relevant parameters for respiratory system evaluation that our company provides include but are not limited to:
  • Respiratory rate
  • Tidal volume
  • Minute volume
  • Peak inspiratory flow
  • Peak expiratory flow
  • Fractional inspiratory time
  • Total lung capacity
  • Inspiratory capacity
  • Functional residual capacity
  • Compliance
  • Whole-body Plethysmography
    Using whole-body plethysmography, our company can observe and analyze breathing patterns in conscious and unrestrained animals. Experimental animals are placed in a sealed chamber to monitor changes in pressure and volume during respiration and provide valuable parameter information about the respiratory system.

Service Highlights

  • Timely project reporting and after-sales service
  • Fast and cost-efficient workflow
  • Superior data quality and fast turnaround
  • Ph.D.-level scientists and skilled technicians
  • Global reach and cutting-edge technology
  • One-stop platform with experienced technical team

Project Workflow

Project Workflow

With extensive experience in rare disease therapy research and development, our company's respiratory system evaluation service is a simplified workflow by a group of specially trained and professional scientists. We are pleased to use our advanced platform to offer the best service and the most qualified products to satisfy each demand from our customers. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details and quotation information of related services.


  • Banat, H., et al. "Drug combinations for inhalation: Current products and future development addressing disease control and patient compliance." International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2023): 123070.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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