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Protein Lyophilization Service

Lyophilization (Freeze-drying) has been widely used in preparing therapeutic protein products in recent years because it can facilitate the storage and transportation of drugs. In order to facilitate the research development and production of drugs for the treatment of rare diseases, our company provides cryogenic freezing and vacuum drying services for liquid drugs, which can maintain the activity and stability of drugs for the treatment of rare diseases for a long time.

Introduction to Protein Lyophilization

Lyophilization is one of the most widely used drying techniques for improving drug stability. This flexible process depends on the ice sublimating from the frozen sample and then desorption under vacuum. Since the 1990s, commercial lyophilization for various pharmaceutical preparations has been fully developed. Because most protein products are prepared in aqueous solutions, lyophilization can solve the problem of their low stability and short half-life. The drugs commonly produced by lyophilization are mostly injections, most of which are antibiotics, circulatory organ drugs, central nervous drugs, and tumor drugs.

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Fig.1 Introduction to protein lyophilization (Abla, Kawthar K., et al. 2022)

The Role of Lyophilized Protectant in Protecting Protein Drugs

There are many freezing stresses and drying stresses in the lyophilization process of protein, which often directly or indirectly lead to the loss of natural conformation of protein drugs, thus denaturing or inactivating. Therefore, even if lyophilization is adopted as a mild drying method, a suitable lyophilization protectant should be added to protect the stability of the protein.

Our Services

With years of experience, our company offers a comprehensive range of protein lyophilization services to provide you with customized solutions for rare disease drug development projects.

Service Content

  • Reagent formula R&D: our company can provide the customer with the protein stock solution, for different dosage forms to choose the appropriate freeze-drying protectant formula.
  • Freeze drying process R&D: analysis of protein drug characteristics data, according to the results of the formulation of the freeze-drying process, optimize the freeze-drying curve, shorten the freeze-drying time, and maintain the stability of the drug.

Technical Highlights

  • Using in situ pre-freezing, realizing the automation from vacuum to drying, and reducing the cumbersome operation of the drying process.
  • Temperature record point adjustable, temperature control precision, real-time monitoring.
  • Automatic loading of freeze-dried products, to minimize microbial exposure.

Why Choose Us?

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  • Sophisticated lyophilization equipment
  • Whole process quality control
  • Efficient workflow
  • Perfect after-sales support

We are willing to work closely with our customers to develop the application of protein lyophilization in the field of rare diseases. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details and quotation information of related services.


  • Abla, Kawthar K., et al. "Freeze-drying: A flourishing strategy to fabricate stable pharmaceutical and biological products." International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2022): 122233.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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