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Protein Modification Service

Protein drugs have made rapid progress in the treatment of rare diseases in recent years, but natural protein drugs have many problems such as short half-life and high immunogenicity. Our company provides protein modification services, which introduce specific chemical groups into proteins to change the function of proteins and change the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs.

Overview of Protein Modifications

Protein chemical modification refers to in vitro through the introduction of chemical groups to change the covalent structure of proteins, thereby changing the function and properties of proteins. The significance of protein modification for drug development is to improve the activity and stability of proteins by changing the spatial conformation of proteins, to change the metabolic dynamics of protein drugs. The protein modification reaction cannot destroy the necessary groups for active function, so strict control of temperature, time and PH is key to the success of the modification reaction.

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Fig.1 Application of Protein Modifications (Holz, Emily, et al., 2023)

Application of Protein Modification in the Field of Biomedicine

  • Extended half-life: Some modified proteins effectively prolong the half-life of the drug in the human body. Such as bovine hemoglobin modification.
  • Improved stability: Some modified proteins have a certain resistance to protease. Such as antibody modification.
  • Reduced immunogenicity: Some modified proteins effectively eliminate the antigenicity of protein drugs. Such as human serum albumin, L-ASNase, and SOD modification.

Our Services

Protein modification has been widely used in the development of protein drugs. Modified proteins can extend the cycle time of proteins, reduce the immunogenicity of biological drugs, and change the pharmacokinetics. Our company offers a comprehensive range of protein modification services to provide you with customized solutions for rare disease research projects, including but not limited to:

Fluorescent labeling

After fluorescent labeling, proteins can be visualized, thereby allowing them to be localized for cellular studies. The labeling methods offered by our company include Cy, FITY, ICG, and other dyes.

PEG modification

PEG has good biocompatibility, non-toxicity, and no residue in organisms, which is the most widely used in chemical modification. Our company offers a variety of site-specific modifications including amino, carboxyl, sulfhydryl, and glutamine selective modifications.

Peptide modification

Our company offers a variety of terminal and internal modifications that can improve overall peptide stability, alter peptide structure to better understand biological function, or enhance immunogenicity for antibody development and production.

Enzyme and antibody conjugation

Our enzyme conjugation platform consists of a broad spectrum of effective conjugation of enzymes to various proteins/antibodies which represents a high turnover rate, stability, ease of conjugation, and relatively low cost.

Particle and bead conjugation

With the recent explosion in particle and bead conjugation, proteins have all been conjugated into particles or beads for diagnostic tests and other research. Our particle and bead conjugation service is flexible, reproducible, and quality guaranteed.

Why Choose Us?

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  • Extensive experience in protein modification
  • Strict quality control system
  • Mature technical route
  • One-stop solution service

Our company has the capabilities and resources to provide professional communication and problem-solving support to ensure that we can quickly respond to the changing needs of your rare disease therapy research projects. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details and quotation information of related services.


  • Holz, Emily, et al. "A Review of Protein-and Peptide-Based Chemical Conjugates: Past, Present, and Future." Pharmaceutics 15.2 (2023): 600.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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