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Recombinant Human NUDT5/ADP-sugar Pyrophosphatase Protein, N-His

Product Name: Recombinant Human NUDT5/ADP-sugar Pyrophosphatase Protein, N-His
CAT#: DEERP-2402-LGZ-18


ADP-sugar Pyrophosphatase, also referred to as NUDT5, is tasked with eliminating harmful nucleotide derivatives from the cell and maintaining appropriate levels of crucial signaling nucleotides and their metabolites. NUDT5 operates similarly to a MutT-related protein by catalyzing the hydrolysis of 8-oxoGDP into 8-oxoGMP, thereby preventing the incorrect incorporation of 8-oxoGua into RNA molecules. Additionally, NUDT5 potentially plays significant roles in regulating the G1-S transition in mammalian cells. It possesses limited activity in hydrolyzing other nucleotide sugars as well.

Basic Information

Synonyms: hYSAH1, YSA1, YSA1H, YSAH1
Source/Host: E.coli
Tag: N-His
Mol_Mass: 26.3 kDa
AP_Mol_Mass: 35 kDa
Uniprot: Q9UKK9
Accession: Q9UKK9
Sequence: Glu2-Phe219
Species: Human

Product Properties

Formulation: Lyophilized from sterile 50mM Tris, 10% glycerol, pH 8.0
Prior to lyophilization, add protectants including 5% - 8% trehalose, mannitol, and 0.01% Tween80.
Purity: > 90 % (by reducing SDS-PAGE).

Shipping and Handling

Shipping: Shipped with ice packs (the product is lyophilized powder).
Stability & Storage: Please store lyophilized proteins at temperatures between -20 to -80°C for a maximum of 12 months. Once reconstituted, the protein solution can be stored at temperatures ranging from 4-8°C for a period of 2-7 days. If you need to store aliquots of reconstituted samples, please ensure they are kept below -20°C and they will remain stable for up to 3 months.

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