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PROseq FastSelect Epidemiology Kit

It's equipped for 8 reactions: a reagent for preventing pan-bacterial 5S/16S/23S rRNA, and a preventive reagent for cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA in humans, mice, and rats.


This is compatible with PROTHERAGEN, Illumina, NEB, and KAPA stranded RNA-seq library kits.
It allows for the removal of pan-bacterial 5S/16S/23S rRNA from either fragmented or full-length RNA, in addition to cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA removal for human, mouse, rat and other related species.
There are separate reagents available for bacteria and HMR (human, mouse and rat) to add flexibility when it comes to single or dual-seq applications.
This straightforward procedure can easily be integrated into existing workflows, helping to save time.

Product Details

PROseq FastSelect Epidemiology Kits are crafted for 'dual-seq' or 'host-pathogen' RNA-seq Library construction. These kits are utilized by scientists to eliminate bacterial 5S/15S/23S rRNA as well as cytoplasmic and mitochondrial ribosomal RNA from humans, mice, and rats when constructing RNA-seq libraries. The kit comes with separately tube-packaged reagents for bacterial and HMR rRNA disposal which allows scientists to excellently shape their RNA-seq workflows for dual-seq, bacteria or HMR samples.
These kits offer an innovative approach to discard the RNA of limited scientific importance that is highly abundant in your RNA-seq libraries. Tested with PROTHERAGEN, Illumina, Roche/KAPA, and NEB RNA-seq library kits, they are adaptable with all major RNA-seq library preparation methodologies. The PROseq FastSelect kits apply an easy 14-minute protocol followed by bead-based cleanup which aligns flawlessly with any conventional RNA-seq library kits and is suitable for fragmented or full-length (non-fragmented) RNA.


PROseq FastSelect provides quick and dependable removal of RNA from full length or fragmented RNA samples from numerous species. There are varying formats and sizes of PROseq FastSelect Epidemiology Kits available to match your specific application requirements.

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