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PROseq FastSelect -rRNA Fly Kit

The reagent for the removal of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA from 8 reactions supports flies.


The tool is compatible with PROTHERAGEN, Illumina, NEB, and KAPA stranded RNA-seq library kits.
It requires only one type of reagent for Drosophila melanogaster (fly) samples.
The system provides high-efficiency rRNA and/or globin removal in a short period of only 14 minutes.
The process only involves one pipetting step - just combine PROseq FastSelect reagent with RNA and then incubate.
There is no need for additional cleanup procedures or a change in the NGS library protocol.

Product Details

PROseq FastSelect -rRNA Fly Kits employ an innovative approach to eliminate large amounts of RNA with minimal scientific significance, improving the quality of your RNA-seq libraries. For those conducting whole transcriptome analysis through RNA-seq, these kits facilitate the removal of all recognized rRNAs in RefSeq and Ensembl for Drosophila melanogaster (fly). The effectiveness of PROseq FastSelect -rRNA Fly on other fly species depends on the similarity of the rRNA sequence with that of D. melanogaster.


PROseq FastSelect offers quick and dependable RNA elimination from both full length and fragmented RNA samples derived from various fly species. This is dependent on the target rRNA sequence's homology with D. melanogaster. To match your specific needs, PROseq FastSelect -rRNA Fly Kits are offered in numerous formats and sizes.

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