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miRNA & Small RNAseq

miRNA and Small RNAseq -1

Micro RNAs (miRNAs) are minuscule RNA molecules that don't code for protein but instead are fundamentally instrumental in controlling gene expression following transcription. Approximately 22 nucleotides long, they are implicated in diverse biological processes, from development and differentiation to metabolism, cellular growth, and programmed cell death.

Small RNA Sequencing, also known as Small RNAseq, is a functional approach that incorporates next-generation sequencing (NGS) for capturing and sequencing small RNAs present in biological specimens. This technique typically involves creating a cDNA library with small RNAs, sequenced subsequently to yield millions of short DNA sequences, referred to as "reads". The reads are, afterward, aligned to a reference genome and quantified to ascertain the abundance of each small RNA type in the sample. Small RNAseq can lead to the discovery and profiling of new small RNAs, plus it facilitates the study of altered expression profiles between samples.

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