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3' RNAseq

3 RNAseq -1

The 3' RNA-sequencing is an advanced technique extensively utilized in transcriptomics - the science concentrated on the full range of RNAs emitted by a genome in particular circumstances. Importantly, 3' RNAseq handles the sequencing of the 3' end, typically denoted as the 'tail' end of RNA molecules.

This method is precisely engineered for evaluating gene expression levels through a high-throughput approach by uniquely capturing and sequencing a section of the polyadenylated [poly(A)] tail end of RNA transcripts. This technique provides superior accuracy and cost-efficiency in transcript quantification in comparison to other sequencing techniques, as it diminishes sequence redundancy.

Various research areas such as the identification of genes reflecting differential expression between conditions, cell type or genetic population profiling, and understanding diseases like cancer find this approach beneficial. In addition, the 3' RNAseq methodology finds wide usage in biological research and advancement of drugs and therapeutic treatments.

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